THE MISLAID CHARM by Alexander M. Phillips

If You Love Topper, Xanth and Terry Pratchett…

Here is a classic fantasy from the pages of the legendary 1940s magazine Unknown Worlds. Henry Pickett is a colorless nebbish living a boring, hum-drum life. But that is about to change! Before the night is out, Henry, who never drinks, will have had more than a few—then he will become the unwitting custodian of a magical charm and the target of a contentious band of drunken gnomes from Rip Van Winkle territory.

But his real troubles when he meets Dorothy Guilford who is his diametrical opposite. She is a fascinating, self-confident witch who thinks the hapless Henry may be just the man for her.—but only if he proves himself worthy by surviving the alcohol, the gnomes, and the malfunctioning charm which is about to bring a whole world of woes down on Henry's head!

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Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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