THE HOUSE OF INVISIBLE BONDAGE [Semi-Dual, Astrological Detective] by J.U. Giesy & Junius B. Smith

Crime's Most Unique Detective!

The House of Invisible Bondage begins when playboy Imer Lamb is locked up in a sanitarium for a violent attack on a friend. Is he insane? Preparing an insanity defense for a future murder? Or is he the victim of a diabolical plot? It's a puzzle only astrological detective Semi-Dual can solve.

Among the mysterious characters embroiled in this 1930s detective classic are Lamb's fiancee, Moria Mason, who promptly leaves for the West Coast; Nathalie Norton, a former motion picture bombshell whose star is fading; Dr. Simpson, the city psychiatrist, whose diagnosis sent Imer Lamb to the sanitarium; Joe Kingsley, a Cockney valet, who seems almost too devoted to the incarcerated playboy; George Lamb, Imer's adopted brother, the only hardworking, sober member of the family; Dr. Frank Drake, who runs the sanitarium known as the House of Invisible Bondage; Gladys Ashton, a woman pronounced insane, who has escaped from the sanitarium; and Norman Haddon, federal agent, whose interest in the affair is obscure. Someone's life is in danger—but is it Imer Lamb or one of the other characters? Not even Semi-Dual is sure he can untangle the clues before it's too late.

With introduction by Jean Marie Stine.

Categories Fantasy , F - Novels
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