PROJECT HI-PSI & Other SF Classics by Frank Riley

Hugo Winning Novelist's First and Only Collection!

Frank Riley won the Hugo Award for the Best Science Fiction Novel of the Year in 1955 for They'd Rather Be Right, co-authored with Mark Clifton. In this first-ever collection of Frank Riley's work, an eBook exclusive, you will find all seven of his highly-regarded novelettes and novellas. Published between 1955 and 1958, they represent all the science fiction Riley ever wrote, beyond They'd Rather Be Right.

Though his solo sf output was small (seven stories) and written over a very short period of time, the modest handful of work he produced helped set the pace for his fellow writers for years to come. Riley's impact on the field was evident from the very beginning, when "The Cyber and Justice Holmes" (1955) his first sf story, was immediately selected for the annual "best science fiction of the year" anthology. The editors of If: Worlds of Science Fiction noted Riley's exceptional gifts when they wrote that, while he had been "writing science fiction for only two and a half years, his stuff has the maturity and easy-reading quality of the experienced craftsman."

Included in this long-awaited collection of Riley's work are "The Cyber and Justice Holmes," which asks whether a human or a computer can deal out justice most fairly; "Project Hi-Psi," Riley's unique new take on psychic abilities; "Abbr." the tale of what happens when an innocent colonist returns to a much changed Earth for a visit; "Eddie," an unusual and affecting sf espionage story; "Bright Islands," the author's most offbeat work; "A Question of Identity," an insightful look at what, exactly, makes a man; and "The Executioner," a deeply-moving parable of courage and defiance.

This collection represents your first opportunity to read the work of this seminal and dazzling sf author for the first time in half a century. Must-read science fiction.

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