A Golden Age Science Fiction Masterpiece from a Hugo Award Nominee Writer!

Rog Phillips' The Involuntary Immortals is the story of a woman who finds herself outliving her lovers—and of the incredible peril she faces when she sets out to discover the source of her involuntary immortality.

Helen Ranston was one of the Involuntary Immortals. In Hugo Award nominee Rog Phillips' classic science fiction novel, Helen discovers that her own daughter, Agnes, thinks she is a witch or vampire—for Agnes is forty, and her father, sixty-seven. But Helen still looks twenty, and has never aged during her daughter's entire life. But, even Agnes doesn't suspect the truth—that Helen is over a hundred years old and has no idea why she is apparently immortal.

With her daughter vowing vengeance, Helen knows she will have to start her life over, under a new identity—as she has so often before. Then she meets the young man with the figure-eight pin on his collar. Looking into his eyes, Helen discovers they are the eyes of a much older man. When Eric Trent says, "You never thought there would be others," he catapults Helen into the midst a lethal three-corner cat-and-mouse game, the pawn of ruthless schemers who know how to kill immortals—and are willing to kill every one of them in order to control and sell the priceless secret of eternal life! Can Helen keep her immortality or will she lose it—and her life along with it?

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