Science vs. Sorcery from Another Dimension!

From Hugo Award nominee Stanley Mullen comes this classic novel of dimensional warfare. Annwyn, the underworld of Celtic myth, lies side by side with Earth on another plane. When Franchard, the Black Archdruid and servant of the Demon God, Ytal, discovers the portal to our world, he plots to conquer both worlds by spreading his dark cult on Earth.

Fueled by real miracles worked by blackest sorcery, Franchard's Dragon cult soon has recruits by the thousands all over the world. Only a handful of brave souls are aware of the danger—painter Eric Joyce, fearless Ruth Hollings, playboy Roger Grant, and their leader, Sir Rodney Dering—and they must struggle against Franchard's magic and the cult's power. Out-fought at every turn, their only hope lies in a desperate expedition through the sea gate that connects Earth with Annwyn.

Once there, they find a strange world of science and sorcery, long fallen from its height, but still powerful beyond conception. Harried by shadows that slay, the group fights its way from the Black Tower, center of Franchard's power, to the grotto of the Lizard People, to Caer Sidi, home of the Red Archdruid. What they learn from the Red Archdruid gives them clues to defeating Franchard's Dragon cult. But their only hope is the woman Darla, the woman Eric Joyce loves.

Darla, who sometimes seems all purity, sometimes all evil, who seems to exist as three women, one a siren who lures men to their deaths in the seas of Annwyn, and who has already betrayed Eric Joyce twice! Back on Earth, they find a holocaust, with Franchard almost in complete control. Now nothing can save the two worlds but the legendary White Archdruid, who has not been seen for over ten thousand years—and may only be a legend.

Published only once in a limited hardcover edition that sells for over $200 today, here is one of science-fantasy's rarest masterpieces, in an inexpensive eBook edition. (See Mullen's Author Page for Moonworm's Dance & Other SF Stories, and his Hugo nominee novelette, Space to Swing a Cat, also available from Futures Past Editions.)

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