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When Nebula Nominee Ray Gallun's short novel "Old Faithful" was first published in the December 1934 Astounding Stories, it was instantly recognized as a classic. Gallun's sympathetic portrayal of a very alien being has since become one of the most beloved and reprinted science fiction stories of all time, and has appeared in such anthologies as Imagination Unlimited; Science Fiction: The Great Years, Before the Golden Age; The Best of Raymond Z. Gallun; The Analog Anthology #2: Readers' Choice; Gosh!Wow! (Sense of Wonder) Science Fiction, and dozens of others around the world.

Reader reaction at the time was so strong, sequels were demanded of "Old Faithful's" author, and he finally penned two further short novels, which together with the first constituted a tightly-plotted trilogy. The first had told the story of a strange, tentacled, but sympathetically conceived, alien, Old Faithful, who was supported in his rebellion against a rigid society by friends from Earth. The sequel (1935) featured "The Son of Old Faithful," who races to our world to help his father's friends forestall imminent invasion by his world's autocratic regime. In 1936's "Child of the Stars," the concluding installment of the trilogy, Old Faithful's son and the young daughter of his Earth friends work against impossible odds to prevent a clash between their two planets.

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