THE GARRETT P. SERVISS OMNIBUS: The Second Deluge, The Moon Metal and A Columbus of Space

A Trio of Science Fiction Masterpieces!

Astronomer Garrett P. Serviss was "the most accomplished American writer of science fiction in the early part of the 20th century," according to critic Sam Moskowitz, while The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hails Serviss' books for their "mythopoetic potency and triumphant narrative tone." Here are his three finest novels—The Second Deluge, The Moon Metal and A Columbus of Space—compete and unabridged in one eBook which, as a hardcover, would span over 1,000 pages.

In The Second Deluge, the entire surface of the earth is submerged when the solar system enters a watery nebula, and only scientist-hero Cosmo Versal, and a small group of friends who believe in him, survive by flying above the flood in a newly invented skyship.

In The Moon Metal, a man and woman struggle against the mysterious Pax, a scientist who may be savior or villain—or both—and who seizes control of the world by creating the new metal to serve as the basis of all wealth.

In A Columbus of Space, the first voyage to another planet, carefully realized in terms of the science of the time, leads a band of friends to romance and danger.

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