THE HOMER EON FLINT OMNIBUS: Lord of Death; Queen of Life; The Devolutionist; The Emancipatrix

"Engaging Futuristic and Scientific Fantasies!"

Humor, sparkling dialogue, sound biological and scientific speculations, as well as thoughtful exploration of various social and political systems, characterize the novels in this classic science fiction tetrology, which Brian Stableford hails as "engaging futuristic and scientific fantasies."

Homer Eon Flint was one of the early 20th century pioneers of science fiction, best remembered for these four novels featuring the interstellar explorations of Dr. Kinney (and friends) in his Sky Cube, which showcase the author's "deep interest in the emergence of behavioral and historic patterns" (The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction).

In The Lord of Death, Dr. Kinney and friends visit Mercury, where the relics of a war-prone civilization reflect their ideal of survival of the fittest, as carried to its logical conclusion. In The Queen of Life, a matriarchy on Venus struggles with the consequences of preserving every life as precious. In The Devolutionist a cantankerous voyage to a world of Capella brings the space travelers into contact with a benevolent dictatorship. And their final trip brings them face-to-face with a hive-like society on a ring-shaped world of Arcturus in The Emancipatrix.

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