THE MUCKER TRILOGY: The Mucker; Return of the Mucker; The Oakdale Affair by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Classic Edgar Rice Burroughs Trilogy in One eBook!

The Mucker is widely regarded as Burroughs' best novel; its hero, his finest creation. The action moves right along, from a gritty indictment of the post-World War I Chicago slums to South Seas pirates, a shipwreck, a lost race, and Pancho Villa. It's the story of Billy Byrne, forced into crime unwillingly by the harsh political and economic conditions of early 1920s, a man who who redeems himself when faced with tests of loyalty and love in a maelstrom of deadly adventure. Here is Burrough's most accomplished work, a story of the triumph of all that's best in the human spirit—and a trilogy that captivates from beginning to end.

Here for the first time The Mucker is brought together not only with its sequel, Return of the Mucker, but with an unabridged version of The Oakdale Affair. This novel tells us what fate befell Billy Byrne's best friend, Bridge, immediately after the conclusion of Return of the Mucker. This restored edition of The Oakdale Affair contains 174 lines of concluding text left out of most editions.

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