THE NYMPH AND THE SATYR: A Comedy of Gender by Larry Maddock

A hilarious romantic fantasy classic!

Only Larry Maddock, creator of Hannibal Fortune and his sardonic shape-changing pal, Webley, could have penned this 1960s classic sex-switch comedy with more than a bit of Thorne Smith and tongue-in-cheek. It begins when anthropologists George Martin and Helene Lewis meet, and the result is hate at first sight. Then contact with a statue of Polynesian love God works a magical spell on the two. Each time either makes love to anyone, George ends up in Helene's body and Helene finds herself in his body.

If that isn't trouble enough, the two anthropologists run afoul of smugglers, who kidnap Helene. Only its George in her body. But when one of the smugglers forces his attentions on "her," George returns to his body, and so does Helene. To save Helene, George needs to return to her body, and to do that he has to find someone to make love with. Soon he and Helene are looking for love in all the likely places and switching bodies faster than you can unhook a bra, as each tries to defeat the smugglers on his or her own. Throughout, both find themselves in bed with the most unexpected partners at the most unexpected tines.

Here's another riotous novel from the author of The Mind Monsters and The Golden Goddess Gambit. Fallen Angel Reviews says Larry Maddock's work is "rollicking, fast paced, attention grabbing, comical."

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