WORLDS WITHIN by Rog Phillips

Hugo Award Finalist Author!

Here's a lost, novel-length pulp classic out of print over 60 years. Lin Carter, engineer engaged in top-secret research, was shaving when he heard the knock at his apartment door. It could mean an interruption that would make him late for work, he feared—and his fears were realized with a vengeance as a beautiful woman—out-of-this-world beautiful!—pushed the door open before he could reach it.

Carter's apartment door was the first of many doors she would open for him in the rapid succession of incredible adventures taking Carter through the dangers and breathtaking wonders of realms undreamed of by science, yet described with amazing accuracy by works that were supposed to be pure fiction! Worlds within worlds, through door after door, as his love for this woman drew him on.

But the last door of all was already open and through it was coming the living cold of outer space, on invisible wings. To close that door Lin had to close his heart against his love in a solemn pact with a woman of another world who held, for one awful moment, the power to doom all mankind...but was willing to bargain it for Carter's soul.

An innovative thinker, Rog Phillips was nominated for the 1959 Hugo Award for Best Novelette for his story, "Rat in the Skull." His specialty was mind-stretching tales of the "thought-variant" type. These were stories intentionally constructed to give their readers conceptual breakthroughs, to awaken new ways of seeing and thinking about the universe  that mentally shifted them from an old, conventional paradigm to a dazzling new one. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction hailed Phillips' work as "ingenious exercises in paradoxes of perception."

With an Introduction about the author and his inspiration for this book. Never reprinted before.

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