THE ICE QUEEN: A Delirious Lost Pulp Classic by Don Wilcox

They Dared a Lost World, the Frozen Arctic Wastes, a Giant White Tiger and a Vengeful Queen for a Fortune in Furs and a Lost Lord!

From the January 1943 issue of the legendary Fantastic Adventures, and the "wild man" author of The Land of Blue Apples and Princess of the Sea, comes a technicolor science fantasy extravaganza! Jim McClurg was an artist. He had no interest in fortunes. But when he learned his fellow passenger out of Baffin Bay, the beautiful Lady Lorruth, was determined to brave the hellish cold and endless ice to find her husband, he agreed to accompany her party.

Soon Jim will encounter wonders never imagined by those who live in the world's temperate zones: cold so bitter sound waves freeze into an impenetrable barrier around those who shout, entombing them forever; a civilization that has survived under the polar snows for thousands of years; the Sleeping King, who has ruled his kingdom with an iron fist for thousands of years—and never spoken a word; the strange Firemen who guard the mystic knowledge that allows their world to survive; and others. And the glorious young Queen, 60 centuries old, whose mount is a Snow Tiger, and who steals Jim's heart, though she is married to the Sleeping King. Plus the dark secret of the missing Lord Lorruth.

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