THE SECOND MAN: The Never-Reprinted Pulp Novel of a New Eden by Lee Robinet

"In the domain of the weird and bizarre, Lee Robinet has furnished us a masterpiece by writing The Second Man," raved horrormeister H. P. Lovecraft when this novel first appeared in The All-Story, "...the atmosphere created and sustained throughout the story can be the work only of a gifted and polished artist."

Two mystical beings, named Adam and Eve, had strange powers and lived in a new Garden of Eden. Then along came the second woman, Lilith, and Adam was tempted by the forbidden fruit. Once corrupted by the ways of the material world, he planned to use his powers to make both Lilith and Eve his concubines. The old story seemed about to repeat itself. Then along came the second man...

A never-reprinted novel of mesmeric battle from the legendary pulp that gave birth to Tarzan, John Carter, and Zorro, The All-Story, Feb. 1913.

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