WHEN FREEMEN SHALL STAND: 1941 Fantastic Adventures Pulp Classic by Nelson S. Bond

A classic pulp novel filled with action, romance and intrigue!

She was a priestess, guardian of the Legend of Freedom. He was a soldier from the remote past. Together they would fall in love and lead a rebellion against Earth's conquering masters! But would they both live to enjoy their love, if they won and an age of peace followed? Earth had been conquered by Venus hundreds of years earlier. America was a legend of freedom preserved by the priestess who nurtured the memory of liberty. Everyone believed the faces on Mount Rushmore were those of the Gods who had ruled and defended Earth in the past.

Then a strange accident threw a group of World War II-era U. S. soldiers thousands of years forward into that future. Soon they had become the rallying point for the first resistance since the jackboots of the Venusians had crushed and enslaved Earth. A resistance led by the priestesses and the soldiers begins. But the Earthmen have almost no weapons but bare hands with which to overthrow the advanced technology of their Venusian conquerors.

Written on the eve of WWII, with the Venusuians representing Nazi tyranny, here is a novel written to inspire in the hearts of its readers a vision of what the U.S. could do "when freemen shall stand." An outstanding pulp novel by one of the greatest pulp writers.

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