ARMAGEDDON: Never-Reprinted 1948 Amazing Stories Pulp Classic by Rog Phillips (as Craig Browning)

Hugo Finalist Author!

During the history of every planet in the universe, a time arrives when the final battle of Armageddon must be fought.

For centuries, two opposing alien cultures have struggled over human history, each attempting to use it toward its own ends. One wants to bestow on Earth all the benefits advanced science can bring, another wants to breed us as warriors and interstellar cannon fodder. In their struggle, these aliens have been responsible for many of Earth's great leaps forward—and much of its even greater slaughter from war, conquest and centuries-long hatred.

When a brave woman and two unusual men become caught up in the conflict, they discover that a single man may have been opposing the two alien races throughout history. A man who may be Buddha, and may have founded Christianity at the Council of Nicaea...if he exists at all!

When you hear the word "Armageddon," you probably think of a gigantic final war in which the fate of the world is decided. If you are looking for such a war in this novel, you will be surprised. Instead, you will find a new concept of the meaning of the word, and a new concept of the universe itself.

First-ever reprint of this legendary novel from Amazing Stories, May 1948.

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