FOREVER IS TOO LONG: The Pulp Classic of Immortality by Chester S. Geier

"A wonderful story...almost any immortality story would be inferior!" —Robert Silverberg

A scientist discovers he is immortal. His first reaction is intense happiness, and he makes plans for his future and that of his family. But then he has to watch his family grow old and die, while he stays young and healthy. What can he do with the gift of forever? What should he do? Can he erase from his mind and heart all feeling and the need for love? And worse, can he always be sure of his value in a changing world? He will have to answer all these questions and more when he discovers other immortals and must make a decision—a decision that will change the world far more than even an immortal can envision.

Here is the story of a handful of men and women who lived from the middle of the 20th century into our future. What did they make of their lives? If you found you could live forever, what would you do? Search for wealth, power, happiness...or death? What could sustain you for two hundred years? For a thousand? Is forever too long to live?

"Forever Is Too Long is a wonderful story...almost any immortality story would be inferior!" raved Hugo and Nebula Winner Robert Silverberg when this story was first published in the May 1947 issue of Fantastic Adventures.

Original magazine cover by Robert Gibson Jones

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