HIDDEN CITY: The Space Opera Pulp Classic by Chester S. Geier

"Terrific!" —Terry Carr, editor, author, critic.

If E.R. Burroughs and E.E. Smith had collaborated, they would have produced Hidden City! Written by golden age sf pulp novelist Chester S. Geier, here is the first work of this forgotten master ever reprinted.

From the legendary pages of the 1940s Amazing Stories, Hidden City is the story of a small group of private individuals struggling to build and launch a moon mission. Although they guess they will be surrounded by spies from the U.S. government and its enemies, they don't suspect some of those spies to be, quite literally, out of this world!

Fighting sabotage and government regulations, they finally launch. Then, beneath the surface of the moon they find an amazing city that can be raised above the surface when necessary. Inhabiting it are descendants of an advanced race of humanity who left to find peace in the days of Atlantis.

Soon the Earth pilot is fighting on Luna, in space, and on Earth for the Moon's beautiful Queen, while she struggles to outwit plotters among her own people who have been corrupted and caught the Earth's lust for power. Conquest of two worlds is their aim.

...Then a strange personage from out of time takes a hand, and the two lovers are tempted with power unconquerable.

Cover: Original cover art for Hidden City, Amazing Stories July 1947, by Robert Gibson Jones.

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