EXILES OF TIME [The Ragnarok Cantos]: The Classic Science-Fantasy Novel by Nelson S. Bond

A Man and A Woman Are Snatched Thousands of Years to Save All Humanity from the Destructive Fury of a Runaway Comet in This Pulp Classic!

Lance Vidor and Vale Marlow were part of that band of humans shanghaied backward through time, thousands of years, where they were known as the Exiles of Time. There Lance and Vale found they must struggle with other exiles to help Earth's civilization from the destruction of a runaway comet. But there were others among them, unscrupulous men who had been snatched through time too, and they saw a way to use the situation for their own gain and make themselves the rulers of the world and shapers of the future. And they were determined to stop at nothing, even if it meant that humankind might lose that titanic cosmic struggle passed down in legend as the Day of Ragnarok, bringing about the end of the world and the Twilight of the Gods. Lance and Vale had come thousands of years to fall in love, but they were willing to risk life itself, even if it meant stopping the evil plotters from their own age, if they could avert the end of humanity with their sacrifice. Or was there one way out?

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